I have been a loyal user of Android smartphones since it was released. I still have the first Samsung Galaxy S in my little museum at home. At the time, I consider it was the best phone I could afford with best functionality. Few years after that, I changed to Galaxy S2 and finally still today I am using Galaxy Note 2. Technology changed so fast huh?

The reason behind it not because I do not favor iPhone or some other brand, I expect feasibility and affordability. If I could afford iPhone long ago, maybe I won’t be talking about android at all now. Samsung has opened a market where everyone can afford a smartphone with different features and technology. Apple user might have been enjoying those long before Samsung did this. And I am proud to say I live at the starting age of smartphone. Who knows how we communicate in another 50 years from now.

Okay, let’s go into the title of this post. Since I have been using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for more than two years, experiencing pro and cons of having it, I guess it is time for me to caress more so that it can last another few years, or few months, though I have been considering to buy iPhone lately. Since this phone can be use and still working fine, why not pamper it a little with nice new case.

I have seen few bumper cases. And used few shitty leather-made case. Trust me, they looks fine, but do not last. I checked this one below but they looks like appearing from bad-ass Mad Max.

Armor King ClamshellAfter few research, and not to waste more time… Ahahaha.. I selected this below and bought it with no-brainer. It is on its way coming to my address. So let us hope they’ll nice to use. Nothing much to say. You judge it from the picture. I’ll comment later when it arrives.

Urban-Armor-Gear-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-ll-CaseCan’t wait for it to arrive!