You can get windows 10 free upgrade. How?

If you are using Windows, I bet you are excited about the arrival of Windows 10. Microsoft has confirmed that windows user will get Windows 10 upgrade for free on certain supported previous versions of Windows.

The roll out date will be on July 29 2015.

Once your version of Windows are qualified for upgrade, you will get the notification such below.


Some of the features of Windows 10 in brief:

  • Cortana – Personal digital assistant helps you get things done. Some kind of A.I that helps you out. Siri of Windows perhaps?
  • Microsoft Edge – The all-new browser by Microsoft, of course with many new features. Better not explain here. Let us see then.
  • Office on Windows – This feature is kinda all-known to human. The best thing is, Outlook comes for free with it.
  • Xbox Live and the integrated Xbox App – Integration with Xbox and PC games, communicate while you’re playing. And DirectX 12!
  • Windows Continuum – One that enables the Operating System to adapt with its display resolutions. Which mean if your device is rotated horizontally or vertical, it will change automatically.  Support for devices like PC, mobile and tablet (Multiple platform in 1).
  • Other features – Windows Hello (login assistant) , New Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail & Calendar apps and Windows Store.

Windows 10 Desktop start button is back!

and an All-new Windows 10 Edge Browser to replace Internet Explorer!

I actually never had commonly used with other operating systems than Windows, of course this is a big upgrade we are waiting for. Since I am using one of the non-supported Windows version to get the free upgrade then I have to do something to get them for free.

So what are the supported Windows versions to get free upgrade?

Based on the below table, if I am using a Windows 7 Ultimate, I should get free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro this July end!

What your say? Are you waiting for Windows 10 free upgrade too?