Hi there! We are ready to rock the world this time! This is an attempt to make the most of internet resources, and well of course to those who interested reading this blog. Haha..

Please bear in mind that I am not a problogger, teacher or a coach master, not a millionaire money-maker or get-rich-quick-scheme promoter. What I am sharing in this blog are based on any useful information available on the internet and the real world. There maybe some advertisement included, or promotion or some sort of related. They are meant to feed this blog, myself, my family and you of course. I hope you enjoy the content of this blog-type-magazine and keep on sharing to others.

This site called safairis.com which comes from my real name. I hope they’re easy to remember. I bet not many people having this name. I repeat again.. SAFAIRIS.. not SAFARIS. Safaris are for zoo, this site is for human. You’re the one reading this now is human, right? Haha..

The main purpose of this site is to fully devote my enthusiasm to useful internet content which is worth sharing and very small part that may be out of topic. Apart from that, there will be some marketing section, which I will not elaborate more in this post. On another note, I was the founder of WPTidBits.com, where now it is being handle at the rightful hand. New owner, please be kind to this blog, okay?

What is next, I will just go with it. Let see where this site brings me to. Until next post, enjoy!