I graduated in Engineering Bachelor Degree in one of local university in east coast of Malaysia sometime about seven years ago. Those years remind me now of how old i am getting. After many sweet and sour years, here I am taking another level, Masters in Information Technology, with another two semesters to go. Yeay!

Though it is only part-time taking, it took many of my leisure time with my family and my resting time after work. I hope I have taken the right step by enrolling to this course and will compensate those time i have been losing.

Few years ago while I own WPTidBits, I had ample time to write and share the resources needed to my readers. Now I am carefully managing time between work, myself and family. As I am writing now, i got a term paper to submit, before 8 am and now its 2 am. Huh.. Hope I can make it in time. Do not worry I am a fighter and survivor. Haha..

To some people, taking higher level education than a bachelor degree may be a small thing to them. In developing country like here, it is compulsory to elevate your status and qualification, because it can be their benchmark of where you are. To some, it is a bonus to have. Who knows I may go to PhD? Ahahaha.. Dreaming maybe..