Its finally arrived! For the past two weeks the Urban Armor Gear (UAG) case i talked about in the last post have arrived from USA. The UAG have arrived!

Although I have been patiently waiting for its arrival, now it is satisfyingly paid the waiting. I am satisfied with it!

What makes me like it? In overall, the case is sturdy, reliable, fit nicely to the phone and the most important it is authentic product comes from UAG USA itself. I have seen many UAG case selling on the streets, stalls and all. And I know they’re fake and usable. However they does not feel nice in hand and does not fit nicely to the phone. My words may seems cocky, but this the truth. I have no relation with them or not trying to promote UAG. I would buy with them again if I changed my phone to other models.

Just for your view, these below are the preview of the UAG case on my phone.






Until next post. See ya!