I have been a long user and fan of WordPress self-hosted website platform. It is user friendly, highly customizable and have lots of resources to support with. From the time I have known to install WordPress myself in 2006, I’ve never stopped since.

Do you know, besides useful as a blogging platform, there are many other use of WordPress? By the right combination of plugins, themes and customization, the potential is enormous.

Herewith listed many things of what you can do with WordPress.

1. Social Network

You can turn any WordPress into a social network. This would be great if you want to set up a group or community to interact with each other. One plugin that allow this to happen is BuddyPress. You can create profiles, post messages, and blog page updates for each user. There are various plugins that supports BuddyPress depending on the features you need.

You can also use WP Symposium plugins to turn your WordPress site into social network.

Love Twitter? Even you can create your own twitter site! Use the P2 Theme or Youtube look-alike using VideoPro.

2. WordPress Multisite

Since multisite feature was introduced by WordPress in 2010, you can create network of websites, all in one. This means that you can set up different sections and styles of each section, such as blog, forum or online shops in another. There will be administrator for each section, however there will be a “super administrator” that can manage everything on the network.

Check on WordPress.org guide on how to set up WordPress Multisite

3. Forum

To build a community discussion based, you can create a forum site using WordPress. One that supports this is bbPress. Other plugins that can create forum for WordPress are CM Answers, AnsPress and Forum Engine.

4. Membership Site

Have you ever thought to run a membership website where you can charge them based on their access level either annual or monthly membership? You can achieve this using paid plugins such as PrivateContent, UserPro, Magic Members, Membership, Member Wing or WP-Members (free plugins).

5. E-Commerce Site

This is the most look up term for, to make money website. You can transform your WordPress website into an actual e-commerce site using plugins such as WooCommerce. The customization allows you to keep track of sales, stocks availability, review and receipt issuance to customers. It also support payment gateways such as PayPal, Credit Card and other major payment gateways.

6. Content Management System

Most project management software is expensive to buy. Using WordPress, for less you can create project management and editorial tool to create calendars and schedule articles with more features. You can share, upload, organize and track files. Such plugins that supports this is Freelancer, TaskFreak!, Orbis and Easy Project.

One feature such as issue tracking can be achieve by using plugin Quality Control.

7. Image Gallery

If you’re a hobbyist that wants to showcase your photographic images, WordPress can help you achieve it. Photo Gallery plugin and NextGEN Gallery allow you to upload images, resize the images, styling, transitions and effects. Combine with other plugins, you can sell them too? Got the idea?

8. Directories

It can be either a link directory, blog directory or business directory or  even web design directory. Directory attract visitors, because they are looking for information. Directory like Craigslist are built for something that people are looking for. You can use Vantage theme, WP Link Directory Plugin, Open Directory Links and many others. Users can submit their details, and be charged or free to be featured at the homepage.

9. Recruitment Website or Job Board

Tired of applying jobs? How about having your own recruitment website and generate money at the same time? By charging the extra features you have on your job site, you can generate money. Such plugins that allows this are WPJobBoard, Jobify, Jobera, Suburbs, JobEngine and JobRoller.

10. Classifieds

Websites like Ebay and Amazon are some of the most visited website of all time. Why not create one your own? You can show the product image based on categories, contact person, and location. Some of the plugins that can achieve this is ClassiPress, WP Classifieds WordPress Plugin and Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin.

11. Coupon Site

This is the latest trend now. People are looking for discounts. How to get discounts? Use coupons!

Coupon sites are a perfect way to generate affiliate commissions, provided you don’t use shady tactics to draw in visitors. AppThemes made an excellent theme called Clipper which offers integrated coupon management at a very advanced level.

12. Booking System

You may not have your own cinema or restaurant. However this plugin may come in handy if you want feature such as booking system or reservation system. Try Booking System Pro

13. Others

Customer feedback – Ideas Plugin

Support Desk – SupportPress

Real Estate – Real Homes

WordPress Dating Site – LoveStory

Got what you want to do with WordPress?

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